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Ugears Mechanical Celesta

Ugears is proud to introduce the second DIY musical instrument in our collection: the Mechanical Celesta. Like the Ugears Hurdy-Gurdy, the Mechanical Celesta is both a wooden model and a functional musical instrument. This special model is a simpler version of a pianola and includes elements of a piano, a music box and a xylophone. There are two ways to play the instrument: you strike the keys on the metal plates producing musical notes over an octave range, from C to C, or you can “pre-program” the instrument by composing a melody on the player, then play it by turning the knob!

Thanks to the ease of use of the Mechanical Celesta, even the smallest child with no prior musical knowledge can begin playing music by striking the keys or turning the crank to produce pre-programmed melodies. When you press a key in “manual mode,” the hammer strikes the plate and the sound of the corresponding note is heard. In “programmed melody mode,” you arrange a series of plates along a rotating drum and spin the drum while pins on each plate activate the hammers to strike the appropriate notes.

A unique combination of design, engineering and art, the Mechanical Celesta by Ugears is sure to please musicians, modelers, 3D puzzle enthusiasts and even programmers. Program familiar melodies into the player’s piano drum, or create original compositions for others to play simply by turning the crank. Your audience will be impressed by your creativity and ingenuity as you play original music on an instrument you built yourself!

Product dimensions: 28 x 28.5 x 12 cm
Package size: 37.8 x 17 x 5 cm
Number of parts: 573
Estimated assembly time: 8 hours

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Weight 1190 g
Dimensions 378 × 175 × 50 mm

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Ugears Mechanical Celesta