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Ugears Marble Track #3 Tiered Hoist

The fun with marble tracks continues with Ugears’ Tiered Hoist marble track, the third in a series of modular marble tracks from Ugears. This unique model, at our growing collection of entertaining wooden marble tracks, features a 3-level stair elevator that takes marbles to the top for amusement park adventures. The Tiered Hoist marble track features a fascinating elevator, three new track elements and interesting drop and release mechanisms placed throughout. Turn the hand crank and watch as the marbles make their journey through various obstacles to the catch basin below. Multiple tracks and elements are present in a compact space in this well-designed DIY marble track.

The model comes with everything needed in the box. The set includes 10 colored marbles, sandpaper and wax to smooth and lubricate the gears and other moving parts.

We designed this marble track like the entire line of Ugears marble tracks to be modular, that is, the model works as a stand-alone or it can be connected frontally or laterally to other Ugears marble tracks of the same or different design (2 or 4 models can be connected in pairs using the special connectors included in the set). A trigger mechanism just before the return track can return marbles to an adjacent marble track or switch between the two (you set your preference with a lever). Connect up to four marble tracks to form an amazingly complex system of interconnected elements all powered by a single pendulum.

This marble track is a fun challenge for experienced modelers or a great gift for yourself, a DIY idea or a gift for the hobbyist in your life. The Ugears Marble Track Tiered Hoist is an intriguing machine that can also be a part of an intricate interconnected collection of Ugears marble tracks. If you have already built the first two Ugears model series (Chain Hoist, Stepped Hoist), congratulations and get ready to enjoy this third item in your growing collection.

Product dimensions: 27 x 26.5 x 27 cm
Package size: 37.8 x 17 x 3.4 cm
Number of parts: 315
Estimated assembly time: 5 hours

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Weight 900 g
Dimensions 378 × 170 × 34 mm

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Ugears Marble Track #3 Tiered Hoist




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