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Ugears Marble Track #2 Stepped Hoist

Introducing the Marble Run Stepped Hoist, the second in a series of modular marble runs from Ugears. This fun and fascinating wooden marble track has an ingenious 3-stage alternating elevator mechanism and an array of new features to keep your attention as you watch the marbles make their journey. The model features a 3-stage elevator that moves the marbles back and forth as they climb to the top to begin their amusement park adventure. Which marble will take which track and which will come down first? The Marble Run Stepped Hoist features a 3 marble accumulator in which the third ball opens the gates for the captured first and second marble, sending all three along divergent paths. There are three tracks: the first consists of a 2-marble battery and serpentine track, the second is a hammer swing in a C-shaped wedge and the third has a vortex or funnel. All marbles eventually go through the collection tray and into the wheel elevator. A toggle switch sends the marbles either back along the 3-stage elevator, or (and this is where it gets really exciting!) to another adjacent Ugears marble track.

We designed the Ugears line of marble tracks to be modular, that is, each model works as a standalone, or it can be connected to other Ugears marble tracks of the same or different design (2 or 4 models can be connected, in pairs, using the special connectors included in the set). The tumbling mechanism at the end of the run can send marbles in one direction or the other, or in both directions (depending on the attached weight), return marbles to the original hoist or send them to another marble run. Looking for a unique addition to your home or office? The Marble Run Stepped Hoist (on its own or as part of a larger system of Ugears marble runs) is an engaging way to relax your mind before getting back to work, whether that’s studying for a test, answering an e-mail or gathering your thoughts before a phone call. Maybe you know kids who would love to help build this model and watch the marbles go on fantastic adventures.

Dimensions: 29.5 x 27 x 27.5 cm.
Package size: 37.8 x 17 x 3.4 cm
Number of parts: 355
Estimated assembly time: 8 Hours

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Weight 998 g
Dimensions 378 × 170 × 34 mm

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Ugears Marble Track #2 Stepped Hoist

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Ugears Marble Track #2 Stepped Hoist