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Ugears SMART Mini Helicopter

The Mini Helicopter is a revolutionary model in Ugears’ Smart collection. With its open design, you can see all aspects of this homebuilt helicopter model. This 3D puzzle is packed with realistic details, including a rotating rotor mast and main rotor, rotating tail rotor, two-seat cockpit with cyclic joystick controls, doors that open, adjustable front searchlight, retractable rear wheels, landing skids and a helicopter platform on which the model can rest.

To put the Ugears mini helicopter into motion, follow these steps. First, turn the start/stop switch to the “Stop” position. Then turn the quiet ratchet wrench several times to wind up the rubber band motor. Then put down the rear wheels and place the model on a flat surface. Now it is time to gently hold the model while moving the switch to “Start.” Release the model and observe how the 3D puzzle helicopter runs about 1.5 m ahead. Admire the wonderful realism of the rotating main rotor! When not in use, you can rest the helicopter on the included helicopter platform for an attractive static display.

Number of parts: 167
Estimated assembly time: 2 hours

Additional information

Weight 260 g
Dimensions 187 × 170 × 35 mm

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Ugears SMART Mini Helicopter

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Ugears SMART Mini Helicopter