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Ugears Clock Tower

The old clock tower mini-model from Ugears brings a charming medieval atmosphere to your home or office. This beautiful DIY wooden clock tower model is a mechanism in the shape of a tower with dial, moving gears, a moving pendulum, whimsical characters and a weather vane. Scroll through the large gear wheel to set the clock hands, pendulum and weather vane in motion.

The wind sign is a trumpeter holding on to a flag blowing in the wind. For comic effect, a man is suspended by the clock’s spinning minute hand while holding on for dear life. Another man climbs a ladder under the clock – perhaps a cleaner or clockmaker. Behind the clock, a suspicious-looking figure comes through a hidden door – a thief storing his loot in the bell tower, or perhaps a hunchback returning his lunch? Invent your own story as you turn the gears and watch the mechanism come to life.

This Ugears model will appeal to lovers of history, architecture, clocks and lovers of 3D puzzles and mildly challenging but rewarding DIY projects. Build it together with your children for a fun family activity. Combine the Old Clock Tower with the Steampunk Clock and the Vintage Alarm Clock, to start your collection of Ugears decorative clocks. The Old Clock Tower is a fun, easy DIY project, a great gift idea for any age and an attractive addition to your home or office. Bring a little Renaissance character to your desktop with this attractive decorative wooden clock.

Product dimensions: 20 x 9.7 x 5.2 cm
Package size: 21 x 9.2 x 2.3 cm
Number of parts: 44
Estimated assembly time: 1 hour

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Weight 166 g
Dimensions 210 × 92 × 23 mm

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Ugears Clock Tower




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