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Ugears Hexapod Spider

Your cat will love us or hate us for this one! Are you ready for the coolest crawler available anywhere on the model market? Introducing the Ugears Hexapod Spider: part insect, part robot, part alien rover. Powered by a powerful spring motor, the Hexapod Spin can walk up to 3 meters on its own legs, without the need for an auxiliary or support wheel as other models have. Its ability to carry its own weight allows the Hexapod Spin to navigate through somewhat rough terrain, like a planetary rover stepping out of the capsule to explore new worlds.

Another great feature that makes our rollator unique is that the Hexapod Spin comes with a variable speed dial. You can make your robo-bug walk, crawl or sneak at any speed you want! When the Hexapod stops walking, pick it up and watch its legs come to life and flutter, just as a real insect would. It’s the stuff of nightmares, or the dreams of a mechanical modeler, depending on one’s perspective!

The Hexapod Spin wooden model kit has 388 parts and features a strong metal spring that drives the robot’s running action and rubber foot pads for better traction on slippery surfaces. The internal spring is wound with a ratchet wrench on the belly. A ratchet mechanism eliminates the need to hold the wrench during winding to prevent slippage – potential energy is stored with each turn until the spring is fully loaded. The Hexapod Spin can ride over rough surfaces and even step over 1-2 cm obstacles. Turn the model up, set it down, choose the desired speed with the dial on the Hexapod’s head and release the “go” switch on the back to get the model moving. You can change the speed at any time, halfway through or on the next ride.

Dimensions: 27 x 22 x 9.5 cm.
Package size: 37.8 x 17 x 2.8 cm
Number of parts: 388
Estimated assembly time: 8 Hours

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Weight 670 g
Dimensions 378 × 172 × 28 mm

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Adults, Children

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Ugears Hexapod Spider

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Ugears Hexapod Spider