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Robotime Miniature House Dreamy Garden House DG163

Robotime Rolife Dreamy Garden House DG163 is one of the best garden houses on the market, offering a glimpse of European-style garden houses. Building this mini version of a gazebo takes about 6 hours, but is smooth and easy. The entrance door, clear exterior frames and side window are all inspired by the European style. The spacious, transparent greenhouse contains a secret garden box, which makes it even more interesting. The gazebo also has a flower planting area and a flower garden, complete with seeds, watering cans and plant pots. Various wooden furniture pieces, including tables, chairs, fabric blankets, shelves, floral benches and cabinets, complete the set. At night, the floral chandelier provides a warm light and adds a cozy touch to the gazebo.

In short, this mini version of a gazebo exceeds all expectations. The included objects are of very high quality and the detailed designs ensure a durable setup. Please note that laundry may not be included due to customs policies. You can use regular candles or beeswax as an alternative.

Number of pieces: 240
Age: 14+
Assembly time: 6 hours

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Robotime Miniature House Dreamy Garden House DG163

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Robotime Miniature House Dreamy Garden House DG163