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Archimedes Star

14.95 incl. btw.

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EAN: 5425004736062
Sku: 12-04-03

Dreams to reach for the stars, dated back to third century BC.
Archimedes was the eminent mathematician and physicist of his time. He was born in Syracuse, on the island of Sicily in 287 B.C. At that time Sicily was a Greek land. Archimedes was the son of an astronomer and studied in Alexandria in Egypt, after which he returned to Syracuse. He constructed a brass planisphere that showed the revolution of the Sun, the Moon and the five known planets, and showed the nature of eclipses.  His planisphere was taken to Rome and was described by Cicero, 150 years later! Here’s your opportunity to aim for the stars by disassembly and reassembly.


  • Leeftijd: 8 jaar
  • Grootte Box: 120x90x160mm
  • Materiaal: metaal
Afmetingen120 × 160 × 90 mm
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Archimedes Star

14.95 incl. btw.