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Archimedes Infinity


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Infinity is one of the most fundamental questions in mathematics and still remains an unsolved riddle.  The first mathematical use of the concept of actual infinity has been credited to Archimedes. He was the greatest mathematician of ancient times and ranks as one of the greatest scientists in history. One of his most brilliant mathematical discoveries was the derivation of an accurate approximation of pi ( π ) . Pi is not a rational number. Its decimal value neither stops nor cycles-but just carries on to infinity.Please contribute to the search for pi by disassembling and reassembling this symbol of infinity. van oneindigheid. 

  • Leeftijd: 8 jaar
  • Grootte Box: 120x90x160mm
  • Materiaal: metaal
Afmetingen120 × 160 × 90 mm

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Archimedes Infinity