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Archimedes Atom

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All matter is made up of atoms and dates from the fourth century BC.
With his law of floating bodies, known as Archimedes’ Principle, already established in the third century BC, Archimedes provided a way of finding the specific gravity of a substance, useful in metallurgy and chemistry! The tendency for atoms to bond and break apart is responsible for most of the physical changes we observe in nature and these constant movements are studied by the science of chemistry. The word “atom” comes from the Greek ἀτόμος  (indivisible) and dates from around 400 BC. However, atomic theory stayed as a mostly philosophical subject, until the development of chemistry in the 1600s.Can you split this atom and fuse it again… today?

Afmetingen 120 × 160 × 90 mm
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Archimedes Atom

14.95 incl. btw.